Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts | Bloomington, IN Wedding Planner


Valentine’s Day is this weekend!  What are you going to give your significant other?  There are good gifts, great gifts, and not so great gifts.  We are here to help you figure out the best gift to give this Sunday.

5.  Flowers – Always the classic gift.  Though many girls love to receive a big bouquet of roses, or whatever her favorite flower is, they do not last.  Girls these days are wanting a gift that they can show off for a long time.  After a few days, the flowers start to wilt.  That’s not to say you couldn’t hide a little trinket inside that bouquet!

4.   Chocolate – You can not go wrong when giving a girl chocolate!  Who doesn’t love opening a big box of assorted chocolates on Valentine’s Day?  Ladies, this might not be the best gift for your man, most men are not chocoholics like most women are.  But, there are a few out there that would still enjoy this gift.

3.  Edible Bouquet – If your significant other is watching their figure, maybe she would like a bouquet of fruit instead of chocolate this year.  Edible Arrangements makes fruit into flowers.  If you want them dipped in chocolate, they can do that too.

2.  Gift sets – Be it a wine basket, pamper kit, or just a bunch of his/her favorite things, this is a gift anyone would love.  Well, unless the gift has no thought behind it and you just grab the first gift basket you see.  Think of what he/she would love most, and go from there.

And the #1 gift to give this Sunday……..Your love!  That’s all anyone wants, the love of another.  Spend time together.  Doesn’t have to be a big fancy dinner, or anything expensive.  Just making the day all about the two of you, and making memories that last a lifetime.  Don’t forget to snap a few photos.  In fact, if you hire a professional photographer to capture some of those memories, you will have some awesome wall art to remember the day!  Especially if you are planning to pop the question on Valentine’s Day!  It’s difficult to photograph your own proposal.