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Tangerine Thoughts

As we leap into the Spring season of daffodils and daises, the colors of Spring 2012 lept with us. Pantone, which reports the colors of each season, notes that, “Provocative Tangerine Tango, an enticing juicy orange, is a vivacious and appealing refresher to enliven anyone’s outlook this spring.” With this overture of vibrance, it’s no wonder Tangerine is the color on demand for Spring 2012!

 tangerine tango

On the other hand, for those of you who don’t fancy such a bright color for your wedding this spring, the two part tip from the pros in finding your perfect palette is handy and helpful.

Part 1: Interior Design Influence

Many wedding palettes are rooted in the minds of interior designers. It is in houses and buildings; designs and decor that anyone from amateur to expert can gain inspiration from. These designs and inspirational decor are then transformed into a palette that reflects the creator’s personality and style.

For those of you who are more in tune with order and prefer rooms with open space and pops of color, your palette may consist of;  solar power yellow, black, and white

For those of you who are prefer rooms that are warm and cozy, your palette may consist of;  coral, peach and ivory

Part 2: Fashion Impact

Many of the color trends that echo in wedding palettes start with the fashion designers who create the color schemes. Our eyes express either apathy, distaste, or desire in response to every outfit that we see. This desire draws consumers to replicate and remodel what appeals to them. Consequently, these precise patterns and motifs evolve into your perfect palette.

For those of you who come more alive in dresses than decor and who enjoy a calm, tranquil scene, your palette may consist of; ivory, mist, and latte


For those of you who like to dress in a natural look and enjoy earth tones, your palette may consist of; cream, sapphire and white



Sinikka and the Social Butterfly Team

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