Wedding trends catch on quickly and I love to tweak them and make them personal for each bride. One current trend that has been here for several years now is the idea of a “sixth course” or “midnight snack.” After the dinner is served, and the cake is cut guests are wanting a tad bit more as they dance the night away or head home to bed.Offering a table of “Cookies & Milk” is the perfect solution! At Katie and Gate’s wedding we did these great personal packages of milk and square donuts (the new Square Donut place was newly opening just in time) for each couple to take on their way out. It was a great send-off.Here are a few other ways my brides have taken this trend and made it their own: a candy buffet that is color-coordinated and full of all of their favorite candies. A “Groom’s Table” (Bari Kuhlman’s idea) where the table is full of all of the Groom’s favorite snacks: nachos, hot dogs, pizza…etc. Mini pizzas and Coke to go. Papa John’s bread sticks or McDonald’s cheeseburgers (I’m not kidding, at my good friend Melissa Coyne’s wedding several years ago and pre-Lauren, on the McDonald’s Campus in Wheaton Illinios at a certain time in the night servers appeared with trays of cheeseburgers…it was fantastic)…cupcakes, cookies, and even a whole buffet of Sugar & Spice treats have been on the list of “sixth courses” or “midnight snacks” that I’ve helped with.

It makes perfect sense to me and it’s one more way to put your mark on your wedding day and share a little extra something special with your guests!

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One of the very first decisions you’ll have to make will be WHERE to get married and WHERE to have your reception…location, location, location!

I get asked often for new and different venues especially from local brides who want to do something completely different than all of their friends…different is hard in a small town with only so many options when it comes to venues but how about SECRET?

There is something really fab about that word isn’t there? I don’t even have to tell you more, you’ll take it, right? Well, the best is yet to come! The SECRET Garden at the IMU is the most romantic, perfect, secret place to get married in Bloomington…well, at least one of the most romantic, perfect, secret places to get married (ask me for a list of other places that are way too secret to name here now…).

On a beautiful, sunny (this is the tricky part with this venue) Summer day there is really no better place to be than in the courtyard right outside of the IMU. What’s better? Bari Kuhlman helps you with a gracious staff, equipment, and even Peach Bellinis if you want it which were absolutely perfect after Josh and Vanessa’s courtyard nuptials my very first wedding season. Guests were greeted with tasty tapas and Peach Bellinis right after the recessional.

This shot was taken from an IMU hotel room, be sure to put this on your MUST HAVE SHOTS List for your photographer if you choose this location. Have Bari coordinate with the photographer to get into an open room for this amazing perspective on your special day!

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The Bloomington Bridal Show was on Sunday, February 10, this year and once again all of the local wedding vendors put on their best show to entice, inspire and impress potential clients for the 2008 Wedding Season! This was the sixth year in a row for social butterfly to make an appearance at the show! In years past we have prided ourselves on creating a booth that showcases the design capabilities we offer as well as the current trends for the upcoming season. This year was no exception. We developed our theme around the colors butter, platinum, and coal. (Yellow is one of the hottest colors for the coming season!)

Some of the details we included were: velvet-trimmed personal menu cards, place cards, a candy bar for favors, square-knot chair ties with tulips tucked inside wrapped around the Chivari Chairs, yellow carnation pomanders, welcome gift boxes, and a coordinating cake. The three linens used for the table included a very luxurious platinum pintuck, and black damask cloth. The pintuck was pinned in place to resemble a fashion-inspired “bubble hem.”

We hope that you can take away one idea or bit of inspiration from the booth that we created or feel free to make an appointment to visit us in the studio!

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